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We use a 3D state of art design tool named CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) in every design and drawing. This is allowing us to achieve the highest energy-saving, high efficiency and high reliability for our customers.

The Swiss Pump Company AG is well-known internationally for its different designs of water pumps. We emphasis on good working conditions and environmentally friendly production as well as high-tech quality products.

We are continuously improving our products. For example, our latest generation of mechanical seals, which allows quick replacement of the seal at the minimum of material cost.

The selection of pumps, valves and piping plays a major role in making the operation of your system high efficient and cost-saving. We find the optimum solution for every application. Check out our selection tool.

Another crucial factor is the manufacturing technology. We are constantly improving our procedures to make them more efficient, thus allowing us to offer our clients high quality products for fair prices.

Each pump is tested after assembly to ensure our quality standards are met.

Good packing in cartoon or wooden boxes is essential for the pumps to arrive not damaged at the place of installation.